November 3, 2010

We are a Social CRM application

When we first developed Engage121, we belonged to no identifiable business segment. There were lots of Twitter clients, social media monitors, social media consultants, PR firms, and others. But, we were none of those.
Our objective was to build a business application that would allow our clients to efficiently manage both their social media presence as well as the social media presence of their distributed outlets. Such an application would include the ability to monitor the social media, start and participate in conversations, as well as analyze and measure the achievement of defined business objectives. We were, and remain guided, by the following:
  1. Platform independence. It never made sense for us to focus on Twitter, Facebook, blogs or any other. To the extent possible, we would commit to integrating the social media platforms that were relevant to our clients.
  2. Focus on business solutions. Our clients never had an interest in social media just for the sake of being involved. Our clients were business people and as such were focused on accomplishing defined objectives.
  3. Engagement. It never made sense to us, or our clients, to listen to the social media without having an integrated ability to engage. And, when we learned the many benefits of actually engaging with a prospect or customer – including a significantly increased propensity to do business – we were sold on ensuring that Engage121 would always promote interaction.

The marketplace of ideas and applications has evolved and developed over the past year and it now seems that Engage121 is a participant in a segment called “Social CRM.” I must say it is nice to have a home – and an identity.

For a terrific overview of our new Social CRM home, I recommend What is Social CRM? And the graphics, thanks to Chess Media Group, are very helpful.

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